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SL-A100 (Black)

SL-A100 (Black)

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It’s not just a Massage Chair It’s iRest A100

iRest A100 features the latest advanced technology in therapeutic massage. It’s built with innovative acupressure point sensors designed to pamper your whole body! iRest A100 does not just provide respite, it provides complete relaxation, calmness and tranquillity. Experience luxury at home living with iRest A100. Its stunning metallic chrome finish and minimalistic features add a luxurious touch to any space. Unlike other regular massage chairs that are an eyesore, iRest A100 is designed to complement your home. It looks beautiful, it is functional and looks fabulous on any space. Transform your life and living space today! Relax and enjoy professional massage with iRest A100!

A100 Model with 18 Features

Customised 4D Settings & LS-Track

The existing massage chair was only able to roll up and down according to the designed track, resultin0g in missing certain back areas or excessive pressure. However, with 4D functions, A100 and its 4D massage ball  can move up, down, left, right and even extend back range. Therefore, it is the premium customised 4D massage chair that scans all body acupressure points and enables personalised settings for each of the 8 body sections.

Customize Programs with LED Touch screen

Easily view and control your massage program on the 7-inch LED touch screen. The A100 has smart UI operating system installed that scans and detects your shoulder and body position. Built with acupressure point sensors to target your whole body, you can adjust your position and you can also adjust your massage to be as delicate or as hard as you choose. It also comes with 23 Auto Massage functions. There are 5 levels of adjustable massage speed to suit your needs and 3 levels of adjustable air pressure intensity for a full relaxing feeling from shoulders to your feet.
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