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Double the engine, double the lifestyle-

share the ultimate massage experience with two engines!

Independent movements!

Dual engine

The premium 4D engine equiped with
a specialised neck and shoulder engine,
enabling Gaius Chair to provide
a dynamic massage experience

The thumb shaped massage engines provide
a feeling as if it’s real human’s hand
* It has options for left, right or both sides,
and the left/right shoulder engines move independently.

Luxurious Ultra-mat / Fabric
The massage chair is finished with ultra-matt material,
which has a more mat texture than the existing material,
on the side panels and headrest, to provide luxurious curves and atmosphere.
It has also adopted a fabric material on the side panels to add a warm feeling.

Gaius chair’s
The innovative dual engine

Special engine

Perfect care for the Neck & Shoulders

The hand-shaped design provides
a real human-like massage experience with
a comfortable and intense massage feeling,
as if the fingers and thumb are pressing down

Ultra engine

4D Ultra

The 4D engine, with the ability
to adjust the massage intensity up to 4 levels,
provides a personalised massage
experience that suits your preferences.

Automatic measurement of
shoulder position and body shape
Before the massage starts, the device automatically
recognises the user’s shoulder position and body shape,
allowing you to receive a massage tailored to your body type.

Remote control
Premium Touchpad

8-inch touchpad remote control
for intuitive and convenient control
of all functions.

Full-body air pockets
Wrap around entire body to provide
a warm and comfortable massage
With the adjustable air shells, the massage chair offers
a complete massage to your waist, arms, calves, and feet.

Calf kneading

The Kneading massage is able by adding
a rotating feature to the calf air unit in addition
to the existing air pressure massage method.
Also, you can adjust the air-pressure
from 1 to 5 to meet your desire

Calf rolling

Experience intense calf rolling
massage with rotating rollers

Two-way rotation
foot roller

The 2 foot rollers provide
you a more precise foot massage

With a safety sensor,
the massage becomes even safer

Convenient detachable pads
The use of detachable pads enables cost and
time savings in regard to replacements.
Also able to customise the massage experience to your personal preference.

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