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SMART Two Hands (Blue)

SMART Two Hands (Blue)

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4+1 Massage

Airbags with acupressure orbs provide

more delicate and powerful massages

on the back of your hands, fingers, palms, and wrists.

Abdominal Massage

At the same time as massaging your hands with aircells,

you can massage your abdomen throughfour rotating massage orbs mounted on the outside.

The new material, Graphene

It uses a new graphene material to quickly heat it with a heating plate

to maintain a constant temperature and increase the massage effect.

In addition, it prevents rapid temperature changes, enabling safer thermal massage.

Use when you have:

When you want to relieve muscle fatigue before and after exercising
When your upper body is stiff due to the stress of working

Want to go to a massage shop, but when you don’t have time


When you need a gift for your parents


Not just your hands, wherever you want

 Neck and Shoulder         Thigh and Calf         Feet       Back and Waist      

Rotation Massage Orbs

Four massage balls massage you exactly wherever you want.

Air Acupressure Massage

19 air pockets and about 624 acupressure protrusions delicately massage between fingers.

3 Levels of Intensity

You can adjust the air intensity to three levels to getting a massage that suits your taste.

3 Levels of Intensity

Automatic mode runs for 15 minutes. 

Using Wireless & USB Type-C Charging

Enjoy TWO HANDS with Type-C charging port that can be used freely regardless of location.

Portable Handle

With this portable handle, you can move conveniently.

Timer Function

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