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SMART Warm Palace Belt

SMART Warm Palace Belt

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Intelligent Warm Palace Belt

Understand you intimately

the warmth you want!

Comfort vibration warm palace

Wenjingtongluo Warm Palace

Ten females with nine colds, Chinese medicine believes that most of

the symptoms of sub-health, dysmenorrhea, low menstrual flow, and

cold palace are caused by severe moisture, so it’s particularly

important to eliminate dampness and cold.

6 Core Advantages

Palace cold can easily cause various diseases

High frequency vibration soothing massage

Three vibration modes, massage the abdomen to dredge

the abdominal veins

Increase the area of the warm palace

Gentle heat release heat, apply heat on the stomach

Graphene Heating

Built-in graphene, it’s hot when you turn it on

Feel the same before and after use

The warm palace looks good, the effect is visible

Three Temprerature

Adjust to the desired temperature of the abdomen at any time

One machine for multiple uses

Long Battery Life

Power lithium battery with high rate and high power supply

Lightweight and Compact

Exquisite design care for your lower abdomen anytime, anywhere

Application Scenario

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